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Decor Ideas for this Festive Season

When there’s a nip in the air and the days start getting shorter it’s time for the changing season. This is the time for festivities to begin!

Diwali is round the corner and its time to energize your design skills. It’s time to splash

colour and sparkle to every corner of your house. With so much to do, decorating the living space can be overwhelming. Diwali decoration embraces the beauty of lights, décor items, and colours. The week comes with a wave of celebration, prosperity, fun and fervour. 

This delightful season is almost a week long and is all about embracing tradition, preparing delicious sweets, cleaning and decorating up the home. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your home to make it look beautiful and attractive providing a joyous ambience to welcome guests at home.

Start with the ENTRANCE

As they say “The first impression is the last impression, the entrance to your home is most important.

Toran : A warm and welcoming entrance adds warmth and invites positivity. Hanging a

traditional toran is a great idea. Avoid using torans made of artificial materials like plastic beads and PVC materials. Instead use real flowers, mango leaves, wood or metal carvings.

Rangolis: The rangoli represents happiness and makes an entrance look attractive and

lively. One can create beautiful flowers, mandalas, peacocks, or geometric patterns using rangoli powder. Natural powders can be taken from the kitchen. Rice powder, h

aldi powder, neel, beetroot powder, dried methi powder red salt and kumkum can also be used. Carry this magical tradition forward and embrace the beauty of handicrafts to beautify your home. Rangoli is generally drawn to welcome the Goddess of wealth- Goddess Lakshmi into the house. Earthen diyas, plain or painted can also be used to decorate the rangoli borders. Use bright colours and give borders to patterns in white. It enhances the look. Rangolis in monotones do not look that attractive as compared to the ones with multiple bright colours. Use a scale to refine the borders. A spatula can be used to give an even finished top to the rangoli.

Diwali lights for Home: Get fairy lights or glittery LED strings that are popular nowadays and widely used for lighting up your home this Diwali. Don’t overlook the importance of pairing up the lights together; it should go well with your home interiors. While this is a great way to brighten up your little paradise, it is also an inexpensive and colourful way of decorating your home. Highlight the silhouette of your house if you are living in a villa or a bungalow. If you are living in an apartment adorn your balcony with lights to stand out in the building. Lights can also be added in the corridors collectively with neighbours. Don’t forget to line up those traditional earthen diyas which not only look the best but also help bring joy in the homes of our poor potters.

Spice Up the LIVING Space: While Diya and candles work great, fairy lights addition and Diya themed led lights never fail to boost the festive mood. Try creating patterns of lights and beaded strings along the curtain and door frames to bring a sense of elegance and festivity. Alternatively a tall standing lamp in a corner also enhances the look of a space. Colour coordination of tapestry and lampshades is very important. Replace the neutrals with bright glittery reds blues and greens. Frame those pictures of family saved in your mobile phones and add happy memories to your walls.

Throw up Paper Lantern: Paper lampshades, be it New Year’s or Diwali, help decorate the house while going light on your wallet. They come in different sizes and options in terms of colours and patterns. If you are confused about ways to dazzle up the open spaces like balcony or patio, style it up with decorative hanging plants or paper lanterns. Rajasthani lanterns in fabric embroidered with bright thread and mirrorwork are an excellent option. You can create an ideal ethnic ensemble with some smart fusion. A mix of tradition and modern will make your space look great.

Glass Jar Lights for Centrepiece:  Have you ever wondered how pretty your room can

look with tiny glass jar lanterns? Here’s a way to spruce up your little paradise by placing beautiful or Moroccan-style lanterns, glass jar lights, or small tea lights. Not only do they brighten up the space but also spread positive vibes

Flowers & Candles to light up traditions:  Flowers are a beautiful part of Diwali decoration and also a fragrant addition to your home décor. This year, try sprucing up the space with a beautiful floral arrangement and stay on the classic path of jasmine, roses, marigold, carnation, and rajnigandha. Mango leaves are considered auspicious so they can be added in the flower arrangement. You can invest in floating flowers and candles to place in brass bowls to brighten up the space. For Diwali, focus on bringing Lotus into space as it is synonymous with Goddess Lakshmi.

We at Spaces hope this collection of exciting and easy Diwali decoration ideas will help

make your home Diwali-ready! If you wish to style your house with unique décor and

interiors, consult our best interior designers in Delhi!

Feel free to reach out to us!


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